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Blasting Software

Rockmate blasting software was developed for non-contact survey instruments Most of the rock that was used to build the motorways, roads, houses, offices in Ireland was blasted safely using Rockmate. In the early 2000's one quarry, on the West coast of Ireland was featured as a neighbour from hell in a Sunday tabloid by residents due to the vibrations that were being discharged by blasting operations. Once the engineer added Rockmate to his arsenal of blasting tools he brought the vibrations under control. He also reduced the risk of fly rock by having bigger blasts.


Rockmate is not just software it is a way of working. It has been shown to increase ROM production in excess of 10%.

Images from's web page have been taken and used by third parties such as on the US government's blasting education page :

Open pit blasting engineers have labelled Rockmate as a tool for quarrying. Open pits no matter what blast hole diameter they employ experience toes/buts and as such need Rockmate to keep blasting consistent. Open Pits may not have neighbours on their site boundaries but they will have pit slopes which are adversely affected by blast vibration. Rockmate will help control vibrations. When used with electronic detonators ? there is nothing that can control vibration better than Rockmate.

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