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FREE EMAIL forwarding

Are you a blasting engineer, do you want an e-mail address that lets everyone know your chosen profession? Now you can with a

We will give you a free email address, all emails that are sent to it will be automaticaly and instantly forwarded to your current email address. Click here to begin the application process

It is a condition of the free forwarding email address that we will send you newsletters with information relating to blast engineering.

So that it is only blasting engineers who have have the email address, we will ask you a simple blasting engineering question before we issue you with the address.


For GBP50.00 per annum you can have

an IMAP/POP3 e-mail account.

Webmail is the simple way to send, receive and manage e-mail using any Internet-enabled PC.

We will give you a username and password, you can change your password, but if you later loose it we can not help you find your password.

Interested? Send us an e-mail using the link below requesting that you want a account. Give us the account name that you want. We will set that up for you, send you your username, password and server details and details on how to set up the account on your computer. After a week we will send you a paypal invoice for GBP50.00 or equivialant in US Dollars or Euros which must be paid within a week otherwise we will delete your new account. Simply - you will pay us once it has been set up.

On each anniversary of setting up your account we will send you an invoice for GBP50.00 so that you can continue using the account.

Jan 2007